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First Rehearsal!

Tonight, we had our first rehearsal of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We did a complete readthru of the script, and I have to tell you – I was impressed!  I think that we’ve got some really talented actors and actresses that are taking part in this play.  We’ve got a LOT of work to do, but I think it will go well!

I have to say that “translating” MND into 21st Century English (without slang) was a great idea.  I was imagining during the rehearsal trying to work through this play in Shakespearean English.  It would have been a DISASTER.

My only disappointment was that we had some people not there tonight.  I knew about two people who are out of town, but the others didn’t let me know.  I hope in the future that everyone will let me know if they are expecting a conflict, but that they will all work really hard to be at rehearsal!

Tomorrow night is our normal KELT Games gathering.  Then, on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll block the play.  Want to know what blocking is?  Click this link.

What an awesome cast!  Thanks, guys!


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