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About KELT Atyrau

The Kazakhstan English Language Theater Atyrau began in the winter of 2009 when three expats (Adriaan, Belinda and Nate) got together and encouraged each other to get moving on some English language theater for Atyrau, the oil capital of Kazakhstan.

We started our meetings (Theater Games, etc) twice a month, and quickly saw that people were wanted more, and so moved to meetings each Wednesday night. We’ve been meeting weekly ever since (with occasional breaks for holidays).

In spring 2010, we had our first production of a full-length play, Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. In the winter of 2010/11 we conducted a two month long intensive Master Class. Our second full-length production is planned for May 2012, “Romeo and Juliet”.

KELT Atyrau is a distant cousin to the original KELT in Almaty located on the campus of KIMEP Institute, which has been former Soviet Central Asia’s only all-English language theater company since 2001.

Visit both theater companies online at www.kelt.biz!

…and then there were two…


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