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Congratulations to KELT Atyrau’s very own Katya, who won the title “Miss Atyrau” last weekend! Everyone root for her to win Miss Kazakhstan in December! Advertisements

KELT Games, etc.

Our official schedule is as follows: Wednesday, May 25 – KELT Games, etc. – 7:00 to 8:30 PM Wednesday, June 1 – KELT Games, etc. – 7:00 to 8:30 PM Friday, June 3 – KELT members are invited to the theater at Gilgaradok to be a practice audience for the QSI School Spring Concert – […]

Hey, KELT Atyrau…

Remember your home task for this week! 1. Watch a youtube video each day, and critique it. Why do you like it? Why do you not like it? Is it well-made? Poorly made but good? You can also write about it here, and include a link so others can watch. 2. Watch a full-length feature […]

Masterclass 2010 “All good things must come to an end…”

Last night, March 14, the KELT Atyrau Masterclass enjoyed a sizable audience for final projects/performances. It was a great evening as the casts did a fantastic job! After our frightening Sunday night rehearsal, everyone pulled it out and performed at an extremely high level. Audience reaction was unanimously encouraging and supportive, and it was gratifying […]

Masterclass Update

Hello Masterclass, thanks to Katya and Aziza for the help on Monday night! Today (Feb 16) is Masterclass as usual. We will be working on scenes, which will be performed in one month, so I hope to see everyone there! Of course, this includes understudies. I appreciate everyone being so good at remembering to bring […]

Masterclass Update – February 9, 2011

A few things about Masterclass: 1) We will be having our final performances on March 16. Details to come later, but that gives you a timeline to start working towards. 2) For this week’s Masterclass, we will not meet as a group. However, I ask that each group get together independently and work on your […]

KELT Atyrau this week • 26 January 2011

Hey KELT Atyrau! I’ve got a few things to announce. • Masterclass – remember inside shoes tonight! If you don’t wear them, you either go in socks or you go home. Last week we saw that QSI is serious this. • Tonight we’ll be working on blocking scenes. Again, please do not miss if you […]