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KELT Atyrau on the move…

On Monday, May 9, a group of rugged KELT Atyrau volunteers set out across the city on a three hour tour in hopes of making some sort of experimental short film.

The story idea that had been planned went out the window when we realized that the typical KELT Atyrau attendee is too well-dressed. So, we decided to see if we could put together a typical “flash mob” sort of video on the spot, with no practice. The idea of “living statues” was suggested by Jane Queen, and agreed upon by the team.

The team made its way from the QSI school to the Rahat shopping area, where the security guards denied us the right to film unless we gifted them with 1000 tenge cell phone cards.


We quickly exited the Rahat shopping area and piled into a small bus for the quick trip from Europe to Asia where we found a moderate-sized crowd at the central square. We were able to successfully perform two sessions of the living statues, and it was fun to watch the response of most people. The group of crude young men made it a bit more interesting, but that’s the challenge and fun of live theater.

Our final session took place in front of Ramstore shopping center. It was going very well until a security guard came out to ask us to move along. I guess Atyrau security guards in general aren’t fans of flash mob videos. We were going to attempt a fourth session inside Ramstore, but we were told we needed a signed letter of permission from the Ramstore administrators. Hey, at least they didn’t ask for a cell phone card gift!

So, all in all, it was an entertaining day. We are currently putting together the edited video. Meantime, here is the “trailer” of our forthcoming video. Enjoy!


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