Vote on June Movie Night!

For our last movie night before we take a summer break, I’m going to let you guys decide what we watch. First, I will have this page open for one week, and will take suggestions in the comment section. Next, I will open up a poll and let you vote for the movie you would like to see. The movie that gets the most votes will be the movie we watch.

So, what do you want to watch on June 5? Let the nominations begin…


17 comments on “Vote on June Movie Night!

  1. What about cartoons, like Kung-Fu Panda or WallE?

    • If not, I suggest You the movie “Life is beautiful”

    • I like the idea of watching an animated film. It might be worthwhile to watch a Pixar film, considering they make some of the best movies out there.

      • I love Pixar cartoons. They R so silly, simple, but meaningful. Another question is- how watching that kinda movies can improve our acting skills? How can it help with our neat Movie? =)
        We’ve watched comedies, short movies, romances, western.
        How about horrors or social videos, how baut adventure or fantasy?

      • If it’s a Pixar film, it can help us in our story telling skills. Pixar’s films are – mostly – incredibly well told stories.

        In fact, it actually could help our acting skills, too, as Pixar artists study acting as a part of their training at Pixar, so that their characters will be as three dimensional (from an acting POV) as possible.

        As far as other genres are concerned, I’m open. Nominate some!

  2. Hello dear Keltians . my proposal for next movie night is historical kazakh drama film “Nomad” its very good film . we can invite other foreign friends to watch this movie and they will be aware about kazakh culture and history. it was made very good and has major meaning in kazakh independence.

  3. Dears,
    i suggest to watch one of these three movies which are Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Queen. For me they are very classic and of course interesting.

  4. Yeah, Pixar Movies sounds good!! How about Incredibles? How about Death at the Funeral? or Soul Surfer?? Actually, I don’t really mind, as long as it’s not for 18 and above 😀

    • Dear, u’ll love Breakfast at tiffany’s. It’s amazing film and good story. And if u love fashion, u’ll love Hepbern’s clothes.

  5. Keltians i have 2 dvd:
    1) The Tiger and the Snow
    It is Roberto Benigni movie the same of The Life is Beautyful, and i can guarantee that it is same level. Unfortunately i have it only in Italian without subtitles…
    2) The Name of the Rose
    It is the first novel by Italian author Umberto Eco. It is a historical murder mystery set in an Italian monastery in the year 1327, an intellectual mystery combining semiotics in fiction, biblical analysis, medieval studies and literary theory. First published in Italian in 1980 under the title Il nome della rosa, it appeared in English in 1983.
    It is really interesting movie for many point of view: history, religion, thriller, philosophy, mystery, investigation…. TO BE WATCHED!!!

  6. I have other movies, just file avi … in italian without subtitles…. but maybe we can find subtitles, these are very nice movie:

    3) Mediterraneo
    historical movie of italian soldier in a faraway greek island, but it is not a war movie, it is also funny!!!

    4) lo chiamavano Trinità
    Italian spaghetti comic western … one of my favorite, funny and happy!!!!

  7. + 1 for Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and for the Pixar Films. Tina.

  8. BTW, americanumka- is my russan – version blog. Be my guest here!

  9. Breakfast at Tiffany is really good and so therefore I vote for it. 🙂

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