Masterclass Update

Hello Masterclass, thanks to Katya and Aziza for the help on Monday night!

Today (Feb 16) is Masterclass as usual. We will be working on scenes, which will be performed in one month, so I hope to see everyone there! Of course, this includes understudies.

I appreciate everyone being so good at remembering to bring change shoes!

See you all tonight,


2 comments on “Masterclass Update

  1. Hello, KELTians!
    How everyone’s doing?
    Do U remember about OUR DIRECTOR’s task?
    We need to write at least 1Movie idea .
    I am still thinking, how to write it in a 3 sentences.
    To be continued soon…

  2. Ok, Mine is first:
    Genre -horror, story about KELTians, location – abandoned house.

    The action takes place on the highway Uralsk-Atyrau, which is popularly called the Road of Death. A group of friends, returning from a picnic, get the rain, they have car breaks down and they have to walk back to the city. The track is dark, rain does not stop and they have to stay in an abandoned house, which is nearby. Here begins the most terrible thing when all of friends, disappearing one by one, faced with the terrible memories from the past …

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