KELT Atyrau at the Movies…

Here are the movies we watched last night. Any discussion?

Snap – we liked the energy of this story (helped by the driving music), the twist at the end, the way they change the costume of the main character to help us see what is happening in the story. However, this is fairly unfilmable for us at the moment, because we’re just starting!

Rise Up – made by a group of kid filmmakers in Australia for the Trop Jr. Short Film Festival, this is a great example of how amateurs can make good films with limited resources. It’s not a perfect film, but it’s very well made.

Bird Therapy – the most unpopular film of the night. I think the humor was too western, and the Aussie accents too thick. Personally, I thought it was funny, and I enjoyed the commitment the actors made to the ridiculous roles they were playing. And “Russell the Crowe”? Fantastic.

New Boy – one of my favorites, it is full of layers and meaning. The child actors are brilliant (or at least brilliantly directed), and the father-son relationship is extremely relatable and moving.

The Sacred Orchid – a short film shot entirely on cell phone. We watched this one to examine the challenge of making a film with the resources that are available. Great Kung Fu action, too.

The Ex-terminator – another Tropfest film, this is a comedy/horror short film. It has great physical comedy, with very effective use of tension and suspense. The crowd enjoyed it.

Ashes – shot with no words, only haunting looks, effective music, interesting use of lighting, and camera focus. Last night, someone mentioned the importance of casting the right people for the job. This film illustrates that issue perfectly with a wonderfully cast actors. The main actor, especially, has a great face for the role.

Beyond Words – my favorite of the night. A powerful story told from two unique perspectives. All around short film fantastic, in my opinion.

What do you guys think of these films? Remember, we are working towards doing this ourselves. Remember to start watching films, not just to be entertained, but pay attention to everything. The writing, the camera work, the editing, the lighting, the acting, the music… everything.


2 comments on “KELT Atyrau at the Movies…

  1. OMG I Love how they act their role, the “NEW BOY” is awesome and their so young and their acting really good and very talented…

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