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KELT Atyrau this week • 26 January 2011

Hey KELT Atyrau!

I’ve got a few things to announce.

• Masterclass – remember inside shoes tonight! If you don’t wear them, you either go in socks or you go home. Last week we saw that QSI is serious this.

• Tonight we’ll be working on blocking scenes. Again, please do not miss if you are in one of the teams/casts, and please be on time – we start at 7:00 PM. Your fellow actors are depending on you. Thanks to all the faithful!

• Sunday, February 6, we will be having our KELT movie night, starting at 6:00 PM. This will be a five-minute film festival – we will watch several short films and discuss them. This is in anticipation of making a short film ourselves this spring. If you are interested in being involved in the film, it would be great for you to be there!

• Finally, one of our own, Ruslan Berdimatov, has made it through the Atyrau round of Kazakhstan’s X-Factor! You can see his great version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good” here. Congratulations, Ruslan! KELT Atyrau is rooting for you!


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