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KELT Atyrau Movie Nights Return

October 3 • 6 PM • QSI International School

“Before Sunrise”

The film received high critical praise at the time of its release and has received a rare perfect 100% rating of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a 77 metascore on Metacritic.

The trailer is here:


and an example of the dialog is here.. notice the body language:



Online film critic James Berardinelli has cited the film as “the best romance of all time”. Entertainment Weekly ranked “Before Sunrise” #25 on their Top 25 Modern Romances list. In a 2008 Empire poll, “Before Sunrise” was ranked as the 200th greatest movie of all time.


“Before Sunrise” revolves largely around the twin themes of self-fulfillment and self-discovery through a significant other, charging the concept through the introduction of a twelve-hour time constraint in which the goals implicit to the two themes have to be realized. They are underlined by the poem “Delusion Angel”, which evokes a longing for complete and unifying, possibly even redeeming, understanding between two partners in a world which is itself unknowable, and over which one can exercise no control.

An important role is played by the theme of spontaneous and uninhibited response to one’s environment. It is reflected by the actions of Jesse and Céline, whose joint stream of consciousness, initiated by a previously unmeditated decision to leave the train together, allows them to temporarily detach themselves from the world, and enter a realm where only the other’s company is of importance. It is worth noting that when the morning arrives Jesse remarks that he and Céline have again entered real time.

• This film is rated “R” for use of adult language •


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