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Celebration! Everyone was there!

Thanks so much to everyone for being at the rehearsal last night.  Let’s all be there each day from now on, and be on time!

The play is in good shape – but I want us to get everyone up to 100%!  Right now, we’re probably – as a group – at about 75%.  The keys are:

1.  Enunciation (or speak clearly) – everyone needs to OVER-enunciate.  It will help the audience understand you.

2.  Volume – some of you are speaking very quietly.  Remember – the theater is not small!

3.  Keeping character – this was better last night, but there were some definite moments where characters were lost.

4.  Do not turn your back to the audience!   Remember – the audience is made up of people who want to hear your words.  Your fellow actors already know your words.

Things going well:

1.  The lines are at about 93% memorized as a group.  This is pretty good!  Let’s get it to 100%.

2.  There were many people helping cover dropped lines last night.  Excellent!

3.  Some of you are really, really into your characters.  Yes!

4.  You are very supportive of each other, and this is the best thing.


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