Rehearsal Late Fee

Overall, I am pleased with the progress we are making.  OFF BOOK night went well, and you have been working very hard, which I appreciate.

However, I need to remind everyone about the importance of arriving to rehearsals on time.  If you will remember, in the part of the script called “Actor’s Info” it clearly states:

5.  You should arrive at rehearsals ten minutes early.  Each time you arrive late, you must contribute 100 tenge to the “late jar”.  At the end of the play, the money collected will go to a worthy cause.  If you are late more than 3 times without letting your AD know, your part in the play will be given to another person.

So, it’s simple… if you don’t want to lose 100 tenge, arrive to rehearsals on time!   And not just on time, but early so that we can start rehearsals on time.

Thanks!  You are a great cast!


2 comments on “Rehearsal Late Fee

  1. Hello Mr. AD!
    Will you pay 100 tenge for us, if we come earlier than 10 minutes?

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