Fearless Creativity

“being creative is simply the act of solving problems…”

“don’t think about the problems, think about the solutions…”

The issues I’ve been considering these last several weeks are starting to be realized by others in the cast.  What will our costumes be?  What will the set look like?  Where will we perform?

It’s exciting to see the creative juices flowing in some of these talented actors.  They’ve not done this before (in most cases) but they want to imagine how it can be done.  This is partly how we take words from a page and make them come to life on a stage – through fearless creativity.

Last night Bakhtiyar made an off-hand comment that came back to me later last night dealing with costumes.  He suggested that we model our costumes off of the Leonardo DiCaprio film version of “Romeo and Juliet”.  At first, I really didn’t think much about it, because I’ve had a more traditional look in mind for this play.  But as I thought about the challenges involved in staging a traditional-looking version of Shakespeare when we have absolutely no money to make costumes, I realized that I needed to be more realistic (as a director), and let the costumes match the updated language.

I think this will be a huge relief to everyone, as we can now think like 21st Century thinkers with regards to costuming.  This will also possibly give the immortal creatures a new edge.  A bit like Claire Danes when she’s wearing the wings – but with a bit more punkishness to them.

This will also somewhat affect what we do with our set.  I am imagining that we will have to have a minimal set by necessity, at least until we know our performance space.  And even then, past experience has shown me that I can’t expect theater managers in this town to give us their space for the period of time I’d want it.  So the more portable we are, the better.

Fearless creativity, people!  That’s how we’ll get it done.


3 comments on “Fearless Creativity

  1. I am writing an article about KELT and going through your pages for your quote. I really wish we could see your play and I would really love to work with you! Dariga and Galina are lucky in this sense because they’ve experienced two great directors!!!

    • Hi Selbi! I would love to work with you, as well. Although I’m excited that now there’s a “generation” of KELTians that came after me! I would have loved to have seen Grinch and Grease. Are you going to write something for the playwriting competition?

  2. oh, i accidently wrote your name instead of mine! haha it looks like you’re complimeting yourself))

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