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The Casting is Done

Now comes the heavy work, trying to separate all the scenes (which Shakespeare has done so kindly for us) and figuring out who needs to rehearse, and when.  Many directors do this in advance of auditions, but I wanted to wait and get an idea of people’s individual schedules.  I’m imagining that we will have about three months of rehearsals, at first meeting only a couple of times a week, but then adding days of rehearsal as we get closer to performance.

I am grateful that so many theater companies post these sorts of things so that I can see what other people have done – how others have separated the scenes and actors.  Makes my job much easier.  It is, however, the least creative part of the process, and so can be a bit of a chore.  But, the rehearsals will run SO much easier for everyone if it is as organized as I can make it.

Of course, on top of this, I have my normal school lesson planning to do, as well as spending time with my wife and kids, and preparing for things at church, but this is what happens when you decide to do a play!  Your life gets a bit crazy.

Hear that, actors?  It’s already crazy for me, so expect it to happen to you, too!  That’s the fun of it.


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