KELT Atyrau News • January 4 Edition

Last night’s screening of “Kelin” didn’t happen thanks to a bunch of locked doors and no keys (blame Nathan for not being organized!), but those who braved the wind and rain had a good time with some improvised improv games.  Our new movie time will be announced later.

Upcoming KELT Atyrau events:

• January 6 – KELT Theater Games, etc.  7:00 – 8:30… bring extra shoes if it is muddy outside!

• January 13 – KELT Theater Games, etc.  7:00 – 8:30

• January 20 – KELT Casting – play to be announced, details to come.

That’s right, casting!  We’ll be starting a play at the end of this month.  The script is currently being worked on, and it will be a great experience.  Remember – we’re not just looking for stage performers, but also talented people to work behind the scenes.


We’re still looking for someone to help us transport a couple of bags of KELT hoodies from Almaty to Atyrau.  If you have a good contact, email kelt.atyrau@yahoo.com.  The person who gets us the successful contact gets a free hoodie!

More info to come…


2 comments on “KELT Atyrau News • January 4 Edition

  1. hey, you are don’t blaiming Haithan: he is the Panchama!. (for the translation apply to Dictionary..)

  2. and also, just the what for I’m here: everybody if you will to find the some actor’s skills test, pls let me know!. Thanks in advance!. )) P@sh.

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