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Want to be in a KELT production? Part I

It’s almost time.  KELT Atyrau has been working hard to prepare to do a play: learning about being comfortable performing in front of others; playing games that have taught us about expressing emotion; learning about characters and motivation.  And we are almost ready to go for it. 

Now, here are a few things that you must have or be if you will be in a KELT play.

1.  Commitment – anyone participating in a KELT play will be committed.  They will understand that the rehearsal process is not long, and every rehearsal is valuable.  They will choose to come to every rehearsal to which they are called, prepared to work.  Being in a KELT production is not easy, but the end result is hugely satisfying to those who are committed.

2.  Professionalism – being in a KELT production is usually a lot of fun, but a KELT actor knows when to have fun and when to put in serious effort.  They arrive on time with their script and a pen or pencil, they turn off cell phones, they are willing to try difficult things, they don’t distract or disrespect their fellow actors.  We may not be professionals in the dictionary sense, but we aim to be as professional as possible in all we do.

3.  Supportive – ask anyone in KELT Almaty and they will tell you that KELT is a place where people are supported and encouraged in what they do.  There is no room in a KELT production for treating people poorly or for making fun of people.  If you are in a KELT production, you should come prepared to build each other up and to help each other become better actors.

These are just a few things that will be expected of anyone participating in a KELT production, on or off-stage.  We aim to put on the highest quality English-language production that we possibly can, and it all starts with the actors and support staff.

More to come…


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