KELT Atyrau Blog, up and running

We thought it would be a good idea to document the building of an English language theater program in one of Kazakhstan’s most western cities – the oil capital of Atyrau.  KELT has been going now since February of 2009, and we’ve been building momentum.  It’s been an exciting ride as we’ve met each Wednesday night to mostly play theater games and build friendships.  

This past week (November 18) we had our first evening of monologue performances by our Master Class, and they did a fantastic job.  This time of building monologues has been a foundational time for this core group of eight actors and actresses.  The next step for them is a small play, which we will begin in the next few weeks.

We have some big plans and dreams for KELT Atyrau!  This blog will be another way of communicating what is going on with anyone, around the world, who might be interested.



3 comments on “KELT Atyrau Blog, up and running

  1. Great night and loads of fun.

  2. Yeah! Master class! We didi it!

  3. It is great to see something great which you belonging to great.. ))

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